Hi, My name is Stacy Alan, and i'm The mentalist! 

I've always been obsessed with the human mind and I'm an excellent observer.  These things resulted in becoming a clinical mental health therapist.  

I took the leap from practitioner to performer the day I met my soul mate and performing partner, Jason Alan. I started by learning more traditional magic and it  just wasn’t right….when I made the jump to learning more about mentalism something clicked.

What do you like best about the show In Cahoots?

I like the excitement of being on stage myself but truly love when Jason and I work  together.  We're able to combine our skills to create a truly unforgettable experience for our audience.  

Why do you think The Alex Theater is special? 

 I really like the intimacy and uniqueness of the venue. Being so small, it allows us to walk out into the audience and connect with everyone.  With under a hundred seats your chances of being directly involved with us is pretty high..  Also... it's in a beautiful hotel that was once a bank... how cool is that?   

What do you think will surprise people about the show?

I think people will be pleasantly surprised that we are a duo act and not a typical magician and assistant.  Also, the explainable moments we create with magic and mentalism will leave guests speechless. 

Any final words about In Cahoots at The Alex Theater? 

This is something you  can't experience on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  It's truly something you have to see to believe!  

Fun Facts About Me 

I was born in Escanaba, a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

My grandparents were Christmas Tree Farmers. 

I have a Masters Degree and I wanted to be an ophthalmologist when I was little.

My husband proposed to me on a cruise ship during a live performance.

Our Marriage Proposal