May 18, 2022

My Most Memorable Performance

by Jason Alan

When you perform magic for a living, people ask you interesting questions.  We get asked things like, “How did you do that”, “Do you have a rabbit”, or “Is that really your wife”   I’m not referring to those; I’m talking about the questions that truly make you think.   

A few weeks ago, we were preparing for a magic show in Wadsworth, Ohio.  We were working alongside Mainstreet Wadsworth to organize a fun family night out at a beautiful theater called, The OJ Work Auditorium. While promoting the show we were asked to appear on the 97.1 morning radio show.  Before we go any further, I know what you’re thinking.  Is he really married to her… Yes…. And what is radio magic?   

Magic over the radio is no different than magic in person except for the fact that nobody in the audience can see you.  I guess that’s a huge difference, isn’t it?  Instead of the audience watching a trick take place they are hearing the reaction of a trick being done to someone else.  It’s fun and interesting because the magician, whose job is to bend the truth, must fully tell the truth to an audience who can’t see you.  I started performing radio magic years ago, here is a clip from back then. ere...

Anyways, while on-air at 97.1 the host asked us a question that truly made me think.  He asked, “What is the most memorable performances you've ever had?”.  Impacted… I think this is the word that caught me off guard.  What is the one moment in my career that changed me emotionally.  I immediately thought of a little boy I met in Akron years ago.  

One of the perks of being a magician is how we get to interact with so many people.  In a typical week Stacy and I will meet and perform for between 200-2,000 people.  Some of these interactions are when we get to perform close up magic for a few individuals at a time or are seen by thousands of people during our stage shows.  So, when someone asks you, what performance impacted you the most, you have a large selection to pull from 

Stage Magician Jason Alan

The one performance that I remember the most was during a kids show 6 years ago.  I had been asked to perform for a group of kids who were involved with Project Ed Bear here in Akron, Ohio.  Ed Bear is an organization that partners with children’s hospitals to create wonderful experiences for kids and families affected by cancer. My job was to try and bring joy to these children’s lives.  

The show was amazing!  All the kids were more than willing to participate and be involved.  This is one thing I miss about mainly performing corporate magic, the feeling of seeing a child respond to pure wonder.  During the show I had one little boy who wouldn’t’ stop laughing.  No matter what I did he would lose it and I could tell he was enjoying every minute.  

After the show I saw him sitting at the front of the stage, so I went up and talked with him. He told me how much fun he had and how amazing the show was and how he didn’t want it to end.  That’s when I realized he was blind. Here was a boy who was fighting for his life and even though he couldn’t see any of what I was doing, he was laughing. Magic still had the ability to reach him. 

This story popped into my head because of an event we did this last weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  Stacy and I had the pleasure of performing at The Hilton in Easton for the Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Make A Wish division.  My next blog entry will be all about that.  

Before this conversation on 97.1 I would constantly ask myself what is it that I do?  I mean if I were to fill out a job application right now…. would my skills include: finding a playing card or pulling a rabbit out of a hat? Or, if we were stuck on an island together, what could I really help you with? Start a fire…..not your guy.  Need to know how to make a beveled base table large enough to hide your coconuts while skinny enough to not draw attention from the pack of monkeys trying to steal your lunch… I’m your guy.  

I guess the real answer is, we interact with people and hopefully give them a break from reality.  Our job is to use magic as a catalyst to help others get some comic relief, take a break from stress and everyday life. And sometimes……our job is to have fun while making people say…..”How the hell did you do that!!!??”  

See you next time.  

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