Battling Entrepreneurial Burnout One Weekend Trip At Time

Vacation Happiness in Northeastern Ohio 

We’ve all heard the term, but rarely do we relate burnout to entrepreneurship. Thanks to social media, damn you Instagram, being your own boss looks nothing short of amazing; days filled with endless mimosas, travel and working in your pajamas. What’s not to like? Don’t get me wrong working for yourself can be incredibly rewarding. Jason and I are grateful we can turn our passion into a stable income, but there’s a dangerous side to doing it all yourself.  

            The risk is knowing how and when to turn it off. It’s a real struggle…..there’s no clocking in or out, there’s no paid vacation and there aren’t any sick days. It’s scary to say no to a job or table a new project when your future and paycheck are always a question mark. We’ve been fortunate to have a very busy start to 2019 but with that comes little rest and little to no selfcare. I can hear my mom’s voice now…..”Don’t make yourself sick, you need to rest.” 

            We’ve been feeling the pressure as of late; over tired, drained most days and drinking way to much coffee. Until….Columbia Woodlands came to our rescue. Jason surprised me with a quick getaway for our 7thwedding anniversary.  We were introduced to a little slice of heaven right here in Ohio. 

            This 400-acre property is home to upscale cabins and luxury tents (some would call this glamping but Jason says I’m not allowed to use that term). And for nature buffs like us it was the perfect way to re-charge. This place has thought of everything and their customer service is top notch. It’s like staying in a 5-star hotel right in the middle of the woods. 

We spent the day exploring the grounds on our personal golf cart, fishing in several of the stocked ponds, hiking, having a romantic dinner for two prepared just for us by Chef Natalie and ending the night with a romantic fire on a secluded hill overlooking the property.

            Columbia Woodlands was the perfect way for us to celebrate, relax and reenergize. We were sad to leave but came home feeling ready to take our business to the next level. It’s really amazing how stepping away from work for even just a day can boost creativity and productivity.

            Thank you, Columbia Woodlands, for treating us like royalty and giving us our sanity back!! 

Columbia Woodlands also has a venue called the Spring House on property. It can accommodate 150 guests and they offer all-inclusive wedding packages. You can learn more about this beautiful place at

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