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Meet Magician and Mentalist Duo The Alans

Jason and Stacy Alan met on a random cold November evening but they like to say it was fate.  Their bond was strong from the beginning and their passion for adventure was immense.  Some say their connection is magicla.  

Both artist harnessed their passion for magic and performing by way of very different paths.  

Jason was bitten by the magic bug as a child and psent his teen years perfecting his skill as a sleight of hand artist.  

Stacy came into the art later in life after years of dedicating her time to the world of psychology and human behavior.  

The blending of their passions created the powerhouse duo, The Alans, Connoisseurs of Magic and Mind Games.  They keep audiences on the edge of their seats; engaging all the snees with their high-energy and interactive performance.  Keep your attention focused or this award winning couple might just make you a believer!  

A magical proposal

Exatly one year after meeting Stacy visited Jason on the Bahamas Cruise Ship where he was performing.  Half way through the show Stacy was to come onstage and act like she was reading the minds of random audience members.  Needless to say... that's not what happened

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"The Alans hooked us the moment they sent us a personalized proposal.  We had a smooth negotiation and hired them for strolling entertainment and a show which left our employee's mouths hanging opena nd brains melting!  They even made personal jokes about our industry and company that our employees definetly got!" 

Ron Richards - Keithley Instruments

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"We hired The Alans for our Corporate party and asked Jason and Stacy to roam around throughout the event.  What they did, I can only refer to as MIND BLOWING!  Our Engineers ( who think they are the smartest people in the room) couldn't figure out how they were doing their tricks.  The only pitfall... I wish ew had hired them to stay for a longer period of time!"

Whitney Cockrell- Hendrickson Trailer

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 "It's often difficult to create an event for a large group that isn't overwhelming for party planners, but The Alans made it extremely easy for us.  With minimal effort ont he planning side they made the booking process simple and were flexible with our time frame.  We still can't figure out how they did their tricks!"

Dawn Jordan - Parker Hannifin Parker Hannifin

The Longest Running Magic Show in Cleveland History 

In Cahoots an Evening of Magic and Mentalism: Featuring The Alans 

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